30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge RESIZE 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge  

This month I’ll be posting 30 days of recipes and tips and tricks on how to eat clean!

Welcome to the home base of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge! I’ll be posting ALL the resources of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge here.

Get Started Guide

More articles on their way! Stay tuned icon smile 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Benefits of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

So, why not go off and just follow the Eat Clean rules on your own? Sure! That’s a great idea! …so what are you going to eat? Luckily, if that question is daunting to you, this guide will help you out!

Each day I’ll post articles and meal plans and recipes that help you plan out what else you’re going to eat, what you’re going to buy at the grocery store, and how you’re going to deal with eating out.

I’ll also be creating handy-dandy printer-friendly guides for you to stick on your fridge, on your computer, on your face — wherever helps to remind you of the rules of the challenge and how to survive all 30 days! Good luck!

Meal Plan, Rules, Grocery List

  • The Rules. The main rules of eating clean. Hang this up on your fridge to keep you on track throughout the thirty days!
  • The Basic Grocery List. This grocery list covers the basics of what you’ll need to support your clean eating lifestyle
  • The Meal Plan. Here’s a healthy meal plan for 7 days! You can repeat each week and swap out recipes you like (and don’t!) with the new ones I’ll be posting throughout the month. 
  • Basic Clean Eating Cooking Guide. Here’s a basic cooking guide for all of you new chefs!

The 30 Days

Each day I’ll be posting about everything you need to know about eating clean. Each day in August, I’ll post a new article. Good luck!

Good luck and let me know how you’re doing!



  1. Becky says

    How many cans of tomatoes in the minestrone soup? It does not say under the list of ingredients. When I try to post a comment from the actual recipe page I get an error of unrecognizable “captcha code”. Thanks!

    • Amy Suto says

      Hey Becky! Thanks for catching that typo. Just one can of diced tomatoes works great! I think I use one 8-oz can? And I’ll fix that link!

  2. Karen says

    Thank you so much for posting all this!!! I’m going to give the 30 day challenge a go, starting tomorrow. I went to the store and bought lots of fresh foods and have lemon/cucumber/ginger water and peanut butter honey bites chilling in the fridge. I’m a nursing mama, so I may add in a little chicken to make sure I can get the protein I need, but otherwise this looks fantastic! All the healthy, clean food will definitely do me and baby girl lots of good – and I wouldn’t be too sad if it also helped me with the rest of the baby weight (she’s almost six months old and that last bit seems to need a bit of a nudge).

      • Karen says

        Mmm. So far so good on day 1. Thanks for all the tasty suggestions. I’m pretty sure my breakfast and lunch were more delicious than most of my non-clean eating meals. And my husband stole some energy bites to scarf after his P90X workout. Is it too early to ask for your coffee/espresso ideas?

  3. Janice Howard says

    Hi Amy, I came across this page and I like the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge idea. I noticed this was an older post, so I have a question. Did you post a meal plan for each week? If so, how can I access it? Your recipes look delicious!


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