4 Ingredient Jicama Mandarin Summer Salad

4 Ingredient Summer Salad

When it comes to salads, I’m all about simple recipes that only take ten minutes tops and are also delicious. This Jicama-Mandarin Summer Salad is delicious and perfect for all your summery veggie needs.


1 can Mandarin Oranges (Make sure you get ones with no added sugar, no extra ingredients. Just mandarin oranges!)

Arugula or a Spring Mix Salad

fig balsamic whole foods dressing

1 1/2 cups of diced Jicama

Fruity Dressing, like a strawberry vinaigrette or a fig (Optional)

I bought my fig dressing at whole foods. It has NO OIL which is awesome and is healthy and absolutely delicious!

 *HOW TO MAKE THIS RECIPE CLEAN: Make your own dressing! I found a great clean Fig Balsamic Dressing recipe here. If you’re in a pinch, I like to grab random fruits, a bit of honey, and a tablespoon or two of plain greek yogurt and blend it and then use that as a dressing. It’s actually delicious! Experiment and figure out what kind of dressing works for you.


1. Dice Jicama. It’s way too hard to peel the skin off (at least in my experience) so you’re going to want to just chop the skin off before you begin dicing the jicama. Read more about jicama and it’s nutrients here!

2. Toss everything into a large salad bowl with the dressing.

Looking for some more clean and simple summery recipes?


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