5min Recipe: Detoxifying Lemon Water



Lemon Cucumber Detoxifying Water: 5 Minute Recipe

Hey guys! Today’s recipe is a quick lemon/cucumber/ginger/mint detox drink that will help flush your internal systems of toxins. It’s a refreshing recipe and I hope you love it as much as I love dancing on street corners to music that doesn’t exist except in my head!

Also, this is a great drink to try before starting the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. lemon detox water

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How this drink detoxifies you:

Cucumbers rejuvinate you through energy-boosting vitamin B. It also contains a lot of fiber that aids in removing toxins from the body, as well as aiding digestion.

The ginger aids digestion and also has anti-inflammatory properties. In 2010, there was a study done that followed people who consumed two grams of ginger each day for about eleven days. It turned out those people had a 25% drop in exercise-induced muscle pain. So all you runners/serious athletes out there? DRINK THIS!

Lemons clean your bowels, and neutralizes free radicals that cause aging. Lemons also contain 22 anti-cancer properties.

Mint promotes good digestion and contains enzymes that could prevent cancer.

Now let’s make this crazy delicious thing!


  • 1/2 a cucumber, sliced
  • 1 lemon, sliced
  • 1/4 of a peeled and sliced ginger root
  • 1/2 cup mint leaves

detoxifying lemon watermint leaves not pictured here because I forgot to get them at the grocery store


Cut everything up and chuck it into a pitcher!

I have never cut up ginger root before now (*fist pumps* *checks item off bucket list*) but it’s pretty easy. Just make sure you peel the little chunk of ginger you’re going to use BEFORE you cut that piece from the ginger root– if you don’t have anything to hold onto while peeling it can be really tough to peel the small thing.

Also don’t add too much ginger. As you see in the picture, I only added like three small chunks into the water.

You can keep refilling the pitcher with water for about 3-4 days before you need to replace the ingredients.

It lasts for a pretty long time/or I’m just a lazy person.

Anyways, let me know what you think of this recipe or tell me a lame joke! The comments exist for a reason, and that reason is that I love you guys and my Tumblr inbox is less of a public discussion and more of a soapbox.

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    • Amy Suto says

      Agreed! A little ginger can go a long way. If you add too much, you can just take it out and keep all the ingredients, but start over with new water. Thanks for stopping by, Jason!

  1. K8 says

    Hey! Just wondering how long each new dosage of water needs to get the flavour and all the good stuff from the ingredients? Obviously it doesn’t happen too quickly right, needs soaking time?

    • Amy Suto says

      Yes it does! I usually store it in the fridge for 3-4 hours at the minimum if I’m impatient, or overnight if I’m willing to wait :)

      • shay davad says

        Hello im doing weight lose water detox now..my ing is half cocumber half orange 1 whole lemon i didnt put mint coz no available i didnt put ginger also i dont like the taste..is it ok i put orange and is it ok i didnt put mint and ginger?
        And is it ok if im using some slimming capsul while drinking weight lose water detox?Pls pm me in my facebook account kiel-kaiah davad..

  2. Amanda says

    This is yummy I actually was at the store & had ginger in hand not sure where it went :/ but I really like the flavor of the mint, cucumber & lemon is amazing

    • Amy Suto says

      Spoiler alert: that wasn’t ginger, it was a ninja in disguise :O

      Anyways, glad you liked it, Amanda!

    • Amy Suto says

      It depends — if you’re looking to use this recipe as a refreshing twist to water, then drink as much as you wish.

      I drink about one pitcher every two days, and I keep refilling it with water for five days. I do this about once a month, and I find it leaves me energized and ready to tackle the day!

      It’s all about personal taste. To reap the most benefits from this water, let it steep overnight before drinking any of it.

  3. Steph says

    Hi! I just started to make this detox drink and love it! I was just curious if this is okay to drink every day, or if its more of a once in a while thing to “detox”… sorry if thats a weird question!

    • Amy Suto says

      Hey Steph! Not a weird question, at all! I drink this every day when I have lemons available (strangely my local grocery store often doesn’t carry lemons!)

      I use “detox” differently than most bloggers, I suppose. “Detox” drinks are more about cleansing your system and supplementing your healthy lifestyle instead of a one-off thing (although they can function that way, too!)

      Thanks for the comment :)

  4. paras says

    hi…i read your blog n i started using it..i can feel my belly lite n soft …how often should i drink this…is dieting necessary with this…

    • Amy Suto says

      I don’t like the term “Dieting” — I think it gives people the wrong idea about what works. When people think “dieting” they think restricting bad foods temporarily to see results… only to return to old habits and gain the weight back.

      In order to see fat loss, you need to eat clean, whole foods (and ditch sugary processed foods and white flour!)

      Try out my 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge! It’s under “30 Day Challenges” right here on my blog :)

  5. Sue says

    Made this about 7 am this morning….had my first glass about two hours ago…..delish!!! I’m doing a clean eating challenge at my fitness studio next week and this is a great way to start!
    Thanks for the breakdown as to what each ingredient does!

    • Amy Suto says

      Hi Regina! This alone won’t help you lose fat, you need a mixture of clean eating, HIIT, strength training, and a good understand of how health and fitness work.

  6. says

    this is my first time doing this so I don’t really know how to do this I just want to know do I eat anything when I taking this drink an how long I have 2 take it?

    • Amy Suto says

      As long as you’d like! I make it whenever there’s room in my fridge to have a pitcher of water and fresh fruit to spare. There’s no magic number.

    • Amy Suto says

      I’ve had that problem, too — you can just omit the mint, or try something like basil and see if that works. Good luck!

    • Amy Suto says

      There isn’t a ratio, it’s just personal preference! I use a 4 quart pitcher and fill it halfway with water, put in the fruit, and then fill it up the rest of way with water. It’s just up to you! If you want a stronger flavor, add more fruit.

  7. Anonymous says

    Is it okay of we don’t use the mint and the ginger? I heard that lemon & cucumbers help you lose weight. Please reply

  8. POB says

    Is there any particular reason not to add too much ginger? We love the taste of the ginger and added quite a bit before seeing this post. (we found the recipe earlier and just looked it up to see whether it actually had any benefits)

    • Amy Suto says

      It’s a personal choice! I don’t like when ginger tastes too strong in my detox water, but it’s your choice!

  9. Brenda says

    I have recently started my long haul towards weight loss and this is the first place i see that adds a bit of humor to the receipes. I made my first drink today and i am in love. Its barely 9am and i am full of energy! Thank you for what you do

  10. Cindy says

    Thank you for your great recipe! I really enjoy drinking this every day. But one thing that I am curious is how many time I should refill the jar with the same ingredients. I’ve been getting rid of them all after using once but it seems really wasting… Please give me your expert opinion! Thank you!

    • Amy Suto says

      Hey Cindy! I change my ingredients once per week depending on how much I refill the water so I get the most out of them. essentially, change your ingredients when they start to go bad!

  11. Dina Jaber says

    Hi Amy I liked this detox water and I will make it today but of course I forgot to buy mint and I know I can omit for now until next time.. my question is can my son who is 16 drink from this water as well? and I only found a 2QT pitcher in my store so what is your advice on how to use this, I mean how many times a day I should drink from it and for how long to start the process of cleansing my body?
    Thanks in advance

    • Amy Suto says

      Hey Dina! Sure, anyone can drink this water. I substitute this water for normal water once every month or so and drink it for three days before switching back to normal water. Do what works for you!

  12. colleen says

    Hi there I’ve got gastric ulcers I was wondering if I could try this summer recipe , because its got lemon in it ! Thanks colleen

  13. ayesha says

    plzzzzzzzzzz tell me im 13 year old and my height is 5feet1inch weight is 46 kg am i normal or how much weight will i lose by drinking this for 30 days

    • Amy Suto says

      Weight loss isn’t about drinking detox water. It’s about eating clean, exercising, and creating a calorie deficit.

  14. mildred says

    Hi! I just did de mixture last nyt nd just wnt 2 know hw it supposed 2 taste,maybe I did add 2 much water,4 litre did add 2 lemons,1 cucumber, half ginger nd half cont of mint leaves bt it taste lyk pure water plz rescue

  15. Arunava says

    Detox water is necessary to keep in fridge overnight ? because I don’t like cold water ? please tell me that mixture should keep in fridge or not ?

  16. Charlton Hermanus says

    I saw one of the readers said that this drink increase his acid reflux.I it true.I also add watemelon peel juice

  17. Krys says

    Hi! I don’t currently have a fridge in my apartment. Is putting it in the fridge necessary or room temperature is okay? Would it spoil if I didn’t put it in the fridge? I wouldn’t mind making it daily as long as I don’t need to refrigerate it.

  18. Anonymous says

    Whats is the difference if i put all the ingredients and blend it then add it to a gallon of water instead of soaking it over night?

  19. says

    my wife started this, kept topping up the mix with water for more then the 3-4 days recommended, ended up on the last day with severe food poisoning, so be warned, the lemon will cause the cucumber to go bad first so remove the cucumber after the first infusion and try to keep the ingredients as fresh as possible

  20. JESKA CUEVAS says

    Hi 26 year old mother of 5 wanting to loose weight I am currently 185 5’2 yes over weight I am willing to exercise but don’t know what to start with how. How long I mean how many sets of exer. What kind…please helppppp!! I’m on a short budget but willing.. I heard about this lemon water cucumber mint ginger juice to start.. Open to comments suggestions . thank you

  21. Chris T says

    Super glad I found this post! You give such easy tips on how to get bikini ready and to stay looking good. I can’t wait to try to this recipe for me and the hubs. Thanks!

  22. says

    One of the best things about going to my favorite spa is the amount of infused waters they encourage me to drink! My favorite is an infusion of cucumber and lemon. Adding ginger to it also increases the health and healing benefits. I often like to add limes instead of lemons to change up the flavors.


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