6 Tips to Banish Cravings

  1. Turns out, when you eat junk food, something in your brain tells you to eat more than your body needs. So stay away from large amounts of fast food/foods high in saturated fats or sodium! Just by eating healthier, your cravings will begin to become easier to manage.
  2. Keep healthy food available all the time. Cut up fruit and put it in your fridge at eye level. Plant spontaneous bowls of trail mix around your house.
  3. Banish junk food from your house! Well, most of it, at least. It’s okay to have a small bag of dark chocolate or some Skinny Cow brand ice cream in the fridge, but try to purchase as many healthy alternatives as possible. You don’t have to be perfect, but shoot for eating healthy 80% of the day.
  4. Don’t EVER let eating be associated with anything else. By eating in front of the TV or eating when you get sad, you’re instilling a habit that triggers cravings when you’re in that situation next time. If you eat in front of the TV enough times, eventually you will train your body to get hungry when you sit in front of the TV. This is an AWFUL habit. However, you can put a constructive spin on this bad habit by only eating fruit or vegetables while watching a movie or favorite show. A head of lettuce has virtually no calories, and is a satisfying snack to munch on during Nikita or The Colbert Report.
  5. Reward yourself for good habits with clothes or new running shoes. Retail therapy works, people! And it’s healthier than eating your feelings.
  6. Use exercise to banish bad feelings. Just got dumped? Don’t go for the ice cream! Hit the treadmill. Take up kickboxing. Exercising is surprisingly effective at making you feel better when life isn’t going your way :)


  1. […] You keep giving in to cravings. You gave up soda last week, but this week you’re guzzling root beer. How to fix this: Each day you eat healthy, put a star on your calendar. Set a goal each month on how many gold stars you want to reach. Start low (maybe four, or five) and build up. Once you reach a certain number, reward yourself with a non-food related item, like new running shoes! Also, check out 6 tips to banish cravings. […]

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