March Giveaway: Zombies, Run App!

So yesterday I posted about how awesome Zombies Run was on my Tumblr.

Today, I’m doing a giveaway for March because I love you guys, and I think everyone could benefit from having more zombies in their life. (And who doesn’t love a free $8 fitness app?!)

You guys have until March 5th to win a free copy of Zombies Run that I will gift you through the itunes store!


  • Leave a comment below telling me why you want to be chased by zombies, and how it will help your fitness goals. I’ll choose my favorite response, and announce the winner on my Twitter! So make sure you’re following my Twitter just in case I spontaneously decide to give out more than one copy and/or decide to give one out early!
  • Rules: One comment per person, and you must own an iphone and have access to itunes. :)
  • Example: I want to be pursued by legions of the undead because I’m training for the Run For Your Lives 5k zombie run/obstacle course!

This game is so awesome I’m running away from zombies as I type this



  1. Faye Chiew says

    Hi! I want to have run away from the undead because I want to be able to train so I can finally run with my Mum in a 10km marathon. 😀 I want my fitness to be a surprise, and the app would really help me train.

  2. says

    Because running becomes an entire different thing when you’re doing it for your life! And because I have the feeling zombies might chase me on that 5k run in a few months… ;p
    (I’m following you on Twitter, I’m @nafaaal)

  3. says

    Hey I know I’m not able to say that I’m training for a 25k or something like that and I need encouragement. But I need to start running and I think that this game would be the best thing for me. Also, I’m trying to convince my friend to join me in the Run For Your Lives obstacle course. And if I have the game, I can practice and run because I’m scared of just the person telling me there’s zombies behind me. But actually being chased by them, wow. I think that this app would be the great “middle man” from not running at all to being chased by zombies. So thanks very much for this chance!

  4. OctoberElyse says

    getting outside to workout has always been the hardest part for me, I need to get some fresh air. The weather is nice now and I know if I had this app that it would get me outside everyday surviving the apocalypse !!

  5. says

    I want to show those zombies that this piece of meat ain’t going out without a fight! Not only will the undead help me keep fit and focused, but also prepared for any challenges that come my way. I’ll got wy my Running shoes on and you let the zombies know I’m ready to kick some booty!

  6. Anastasia Jan says

    I want this app because I want to get in shape and be healthy so that when the zombies do come, I’ll be in shape :D. Running from zombies will make running fun, and it will sure help me reach my fitness goal of losing 15 pounds. My main motivation for wanting this app is all the health problems that have run in my family… I want to avoid all of that! This app will for sure help me train and get to where I need to be! Thank you so much for this opportunity! :)

  7. says

    I need this app because I am going to participate in the Run For Your Lives Zombie Race this December in Austin, Tx! I need the full on experience before I go, and this app is perfect for that. Plus it sounds like a lot fun to run from zombies while other people just run with music in their ears, but no I would be running to the music zombies make! This app would be insanely perfect since I’m trying to get back in shape and train myself for the 5K run! So thanks for doing this wonderful giveaway! 😀

  8. says

    I want to lose weight. Enough said? No? Okay then. I’m really lazy at this stuff, you know? Working out, being healthy and such… I’ve tried at least 5 times and end up giving up, but you know what? This time won’t be like that. I won’t give up so easily, I’ll reach my GW and yes, I am aware of it being a slow process, but hey! Nothing WORTH getting is easy to get! What I’ll do to achieve my goal, you ask? Well, that’s an easy question! I’LL WORK MY ASS OFF AND I WILL NOT GIVE UP UNTIL I HAVE OBTAINED WHAT I WANT, which is not only losing weight, but HAVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! And there’s not a better way to have a healthy lifestyle than running away from zombies! Okay, I’ll just stop joking around now, but what I’m trying to say is easy to understand. I want this because, as I previously said, I’m really lazy and don’t work out unless I find a fun way to do so, which would be by using this app! I’m kind of dying to try it! Oh, and I forgot to mention… I also want this app because I FREAKING LOVE ZOMBIES!! Yes, video games about killing zombies, zombie movies and all that. I’m a zombie junky! Alright, this is looooong so I guess I should just thank you for your time!

  9. Connie says

    I would love this app so I can get more motivation to run instead of sitting on the computer all day defending my house in Plants vs. Zombies! I keep on yo-yoing between running and not running, and I think this will help me keep my habit. Thank you! (:

  10. says

    All my life I have been labeled fat, pig, ugly and such. People’s reactions horrified me. I want this app very much because then it will remind me that those people who labeled me are like zombies and that they will try to get me, bring you down and eat the best part of me. I got my gear ready. All I need is to RUN! :>

  11. says

    I would like this app because, let’s be real here: the zombie apocalypse is coming and trying to live healthier or not, everyone should be prepared. I mean, the fact that our government isn’t handing this app out for free to the public is appalling, because everyone needs to be able to outrun a zombie horde. And I’ll admit that I do not have the arm strength (yet, thank you very much strength training) to swing a cricket bat or hold a chainsaw or use a boomstick to successfully wipe out zombies, so at least by using this app I’ll be able to outrun them. And then, you know, get eaten later when I trip and fall over like I’m in a horrible PG-13 film that you go to for your first date back in junior high and holy crap, is THAT awkward.

    And really, it’ll hold me over until they make an app that helps me reach my fitness goals through Jedi training (yeah, I’m looking at you George Lucas). Because I love zombies, but I really love Star Wars. Its fitness for nerds!

  12. says

    I want to be chased by zombies because of two reasons: I am a creative writer who loves to run. I often get bored running and listening to music because my mind wanders in random directions, so I play podcasts–but that isn’t the most helpful, either. I like hearing crazy stories and I think that listening and running missions will help keep my pace up and encourage me to run more!

  13. Shannon B says

    I NEED to be chased by zombies, because I get into exercising for months, fall out of it, and have a hard time getting back into it. I think part of it is because I get bored. This will be another way to change up my running routine and keep me in the game!

  14. Dallas R says

    I would love to own this app because my motivation for running is extremely low. I need this app so i can get better endurance and slim down tummy !


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