The 30 Day Youtube Workout Calendar

Youtube Workout

Hey all of you lovely people! Today I’ve got a great new fitness plan for you, and it’s called the Youtube Workout Calendar.

Not only are all of these workouts free to you on Youtube (just click on the links embedded in each day of the workout calendar, or check out my youtube playlist here!) but they’re also fun and challenging. This workout schedule is not just for those of you who sent me questions asking about what workouts to do to lose weight and tone up for summer, but this is also a great way to build a fitness foundation so you can stay fit and healthy for life!

I also have an additional list of easier and more difficult workouts so you guys can customize the intensity of the program.

Even if you miss the start date, you can always visit this tag on my blog to see all the posts and you can join me whenever you have the chance :)

The Benefits of the 30 Day Youtube Workout Program

1. It’s totally free!

You can work out in your own home for free. No gym membership required!

2. Effective workouts in less time

This workout calendar uses several different types of workouts proven to speed up your metabolism and turn on your fat burning capacities. Here they are:

  • Circuit and interval training 3x/week. If you want to lose fat, interval and circuit training are the way to go. Both circuit and interval training keep burning calories even after the initial workout is over, and they’re the best fat burners.
  • Strength training twice a week. Read my article about why strength training is critical not just for fitness but also for weight loss.
  • Flexibility training once a week. Get long, lean muscles, and protect yourself from injury. Near the end of the program, these flexibility workouts will add in a strength component to help you tone up.

3. Increase in intensity

If you don’t train hard, you won’t see results. That’s why I designed this program to increase the intensity of the workouts as the weeks went on.

4. Moral support

You guys, I’ll be doing this with you. I’ll be sweating and pushing myself and working through each day alongside you like the Jiminy Cricket of personal trainers but on Tumblr. I’ll be sharing recipes and swapping lame metaphors and awkward jokes with you as we work through this program together.I’ve gotten a lot of questions of people looking to lose weight and tone up not just for summer, but for the rest of their life, and I designed this workout plan to help with that.

Tips and Tricks for Each Day

Week One:

Day 1: HIIT Fat Loss

Day 2: Drive By Inner Thighs

Day 3: Jump Rope Training Circuit

 Day 4: Strength Training for Fat Loss

 Day 5: Weight Loss Yoga with Tara Stiles

 Day 6: Little Black Bootcamp

Day 7: REST!

Week Two:

Day 8: Victoria’s Secret Ab Workout from Blogilates

Day 9: 5 Minutes to Slim with Fitness Blender

Day 10: Weight Loss Yoga with Tara Stiles

Day 11: Better Booty Lower Body with Fitness Blender

Day 12: Blogilates Want You Back Arms Challenge

Day 13: Fitness Blender Cardio HIIT

Day 14: REST!

Week Three:

Day 15: HIITaltes Inner Thighs by Blogilates

Day 16: POP Pilates Intense Ab Workout

Day 17: No Equipment Upper Body Workout + Cardio

Day 18: Upper Body Tabata Workout From Fitness Blender

Day 19: Cardio Blasting HIIT from Fitness Blender

Day 20: Total Body Tone Yoga by Tara Stiles

Day 21: REST!

Week Four:

Day 22: Strength Training for Fat Loss

Day 23: Full Body Yoga Routine by Tara Stiles

Day 24: Total Body Strength and Cardio Blend

Day 25: Fat Blasting Total Body Workout

Day 26: Stress Relief Yoga with Tara Stiles

Day 27: 1000 Calorie Burn Workout 

Day 28: REST!

Week 5:

Day 29: Tara Stiles Strong Core Power Yoga

Day 30: 1000 Calorie Workout 



The Calendar

Click the link to download!

Youtube Workout Calendar by Amy Suto

If you like the program, please share it with others using the links at the bottom of this post!

Customize Your Intensity

Need to swap out a workout? Check out this list of easier and harder workouts!

Youtube Workout Alternative Intensities by Amy Suto





  1. Kat says

    I know I’m WAY late to the party on this one, but I’m trying to lose some weight, gain some fitness and get healthier in 2015, and I just decided to give this a go over the next 30 days (or a few more… I may spread it out a bit as I also do cardio in the gym and go swimming every week.)

    I do have a question – I don’t own any dumbells and a few of the exercises call for them. What weight would you recommend for a relative beginner to strength training?

    I love your site, thank you for all the sense you talk. I’ve also started making your peanut butter bites and my partner and I are both hooked – yum yum yum!


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