You’re Drinking it Wrong! 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Green Tea

5 things you didn't know about green teaOn the hierarchy of healthy drinks, sodas and sugary drinks are rotting at the bottom of the heap while Green Tea is crowned mighty overlord and is worshiped by the townsfolks and showered in gifts made of Aztec gold and the fleeces of lambs killed in ritual sacrifice.

Basically, green tea improves brain and heart function, speeds your metabolism, and comes in many delicious variations.

Here are five things you didn’t know about this nutritious beverage!

1. You’re drinking it wrong. Most people boil water for tea, but when you add tea to boiling water, you kill the healthy catechins that make green tea such a potent health beverage. Save the catechins! Heat your tea up to 160-170 degrees, instead.

2. You don’t have lemon in it. In order for your body to absorb the good-for-you vitamins green tea brings to the plate, add a wedge of lemon or some lemon to your tea. The vitamin C makes it easier to absorb.

3. Green tea helps relieve stress. You have our good ol’ buddy the amino acid theanine to thank for this benefit. Go for the decaf green tea if you’re really stressed — in some people, too much caffeine can have the opposite effect.

4. Green tea improves cell function. That’s why it’s the best beverage on the block! Green tea’s ability to refresh your cells leads to benefits like cancer prevention.

5. Green tea doesn’t have to be green tea. Well, not in the traditional sense, anyways. If you’re not a green tea fan, you can get teas like Sport Tea that are a blend of several different kinds of teas. This helps you get all the best benefits in one cup!

Drink away!




  1. Carrie says

    So, question. Can I make green tea and then add it to my favorite kinds of tea? Because I dislike how green tea tastes, but I enjoy the benefits it gives me. I won’t lose any of the nutrition if I add it to something else?

    • Amy Suto says

      Carrie — of course you can! Tea can taste kinda bland sometimes, and I like adding honey and a slice of lemon to mine to add some flavor. You can get tea blends that are a mixture of several different kinds of teas, and you still get the health benefits and you also get more flavor!

      Just don’t add milk. For some reason, dairy decreases the effectiveness of the catechins. (Side note: I didn’t know adding dairy to tea was a thing people did until recently. Sounds pretty gross to me.)

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