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American wins Nobel prize in chemistry

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2009 awards studies of one of life’s core processes: the ribosome’s translation of DNA information into life.Their work on cells helped in developing antibiotic cures for various diseases.Ada Yonath Nobel Prize Nobel Prize for Chemistry Thomas SteitzRibosomes produce proteins, which in turn control the chemistry in all living organisms. As ribosomes are crucial to life, they are also a major target for new antibiotics, it said in a statement.Born in 1952 in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, Ramakrishnan did his PhD in Physics in 1976 from Ohio University, US. He is a senior scientist and group leader at
fake ray bans Structural Studies Division, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, Britain.Ramakrishnan and Steitz are US citizens while Yonath is from Israel. Raman, Hargobind Khorana, Mother Teresa, S. Chandrashekhar and Amartya Sen.Ramakrishnan, Steitz and Yonath have been awarded for showing what the ribosome looks like and how it functions at the atomic level. All three have used a method called X ray crystallography to map the position for each and every one of the hundreds of thousands of atoms that make up the ribosome."Inside every cell in all organisms, there are DNA molecules. They contain the blueprints for how a human being, a plant or a bacterium, looks and functions. But the DNA molecule is passive. If there was nothing else, there would be no life," a statement from the academy of sciences said.The blueprints become transformed into living matter through the work of ribosomes.An understanding of the ribosome’s innermost workings is important for a scientific understanding of life. This knowledge can be put to a practical and immediate
cheap ray bans use; many of today’s antibiotics cure various diseases by blocking the
cheap ray bans function of bacterial ribosomes. Without functional ribosomes, bacteria cannot survive. This is why ribosomes are such an important target for new antibiotics, the statement added.This year’s three Laureates have all generated
discount ray bans 3D models that show how different antibiotics bind to the ribosome. These models are now used by scientists in order to develop new antibiotics, directly assisting the saving of lives and decreasing humanity’s suffering.Articles Connexes:

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Doctors joining hospital district

ARCH HEALTH PARTNERSWhat: Partnership between Palomar Pomerado Health and a physician’s group, formerly known as Centre for Healthcare, in North County.Impact: Patients of the new Arch Health Partners
fake ray bans will be referred to PPH facilities; the doctors’ group and hospital say they will be in a stronger position in the marketplace.Future: Arch Health Partners, which now has 43 providers, is expected to add 100 more physicians, possibly some outside the hospital’s territory.NORTH COUNTY Palomar Pomerado Health has merged with an expanding physicians group as part of its ongoing attempt to dominate fast growing North County’s health care market.The new entity, called Arch Health Partners, is the first medical group that is a PPH hospital subsidiary. It will refer patients exclusively within the Palomar Pomerado Health system unless patients need care that the group cannot provide, said PPH spokesman Andy Hoang.Arch Health Partners currently has 43 primary care physicians, specialists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.The physicians group, known formerly as Centre for Healthcare, already operates out of Pomerado Hospital in Poway, a PPH facility.Hoang said the new group is expected to add 100 doctors, both inside its inland North County district as well as possibly on the coast. The coast is outside the district’s territory and in that of rival Tri City Medical Center."If other physician groups outside our district want to join us, who are we to say no?" Hoang said."As we grow, we may have opportunities to expand our services into secondary markets, which include Oceanside and all of North County."Palomar Pomerado’s ambitions likely will intensify its bitter battle with the Tri City Healthcare District. A Tri City spokesman was not immediately available for comment.Tri City has sued PPH
cheap ray bans for planning to open clinics in supermarkets on the
cheap ray bans coast, calling the move an incursion. The dispute has not been resolved.The two public hospital districts, partially supported by property taxes, were formed five decades ago to serve World War II veterans. Hospitals are not allowed to expand into each other’s territory without
discount ray bans permission from the regulating agency, the San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission.Dr. Ted Mazer, communications director for the San Diego County Medical Society, said Arch Health’s plans to serve coastal cities could be considered expansion into Tri City’s territory."They already have an argument over the doc in the box (retail clinics). Obviously they have some designated catchment area. If this reaches beyond that, they could have an impact on Tri City."PPH is the bigger health care provider in North County, serving 800 square miles of inland area. Tri City covers 132 square miles on the coast.The merger, announced yesterday, will help the physicians group attract and retain patients and recruit doctors because of its alliance with a large hospital, said Victoria Lister, executive director of Arch Health.Physicians and the hospital also will be able to share patient information vital to their continued care, she said.PPH spokesman Hoang said the merger brings the hospital a large group of doctors loyal to using the hospital facilities.Hoang said the medical group will inform its patients about the exclusive arrangement with Palomar Pomerado so they can choose whether to go to other doctors and other hospitals.Other hospital systems, such as Scripps Health and Sharp HealthCare, already have medical groups that typically keep patients within their systems.Articles Connexes:

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Penang Island Message Board

I cannot praise Patrick and his staff high enough for their quality service and friendliness upon my recent visit to Vision First. You can find positive reviews about them on this site and others and I wanted to add to that. It was a flying visit for me to Penang and on the first morning of my visit I went straigt to the shop which is located behind Pizza Hut in Prangin Mall. I wanted a new pair of glasses for myself and had my eyes tested and 24 hours later my multi focal lenses in a modern Esprit frame were ready. I also wanted to get glasses for my son and had with me his Aussie script but it was incomplete as it did not have the pupil diameter on it. Apparantly this is a common occurance with Aust optometrists so it you are taking a script with you o/s make sure that it has this on it. Patrick rang the Australian optometrist for me to get the complete script. Can you imagine an Aussie
replica ray ban sunglasses optometrist ringing Malaysia for the same thing??? I was even driven back to the hotel after making my purchases which also included 2 pairs of Ray Bans. By buying my specs here I saved approx $300AUD per pair and at least $100.00 per pair on the Ray Bans. A+++ for a fab service. icon smile replica ray ban sunglasses | discount ray bans 3046

I am 100% with you all the way regarding Patrick his staff at Vision First. My husband and I took the advise of fellow formites and between us had three pair of glasses made. They included reading, transition lenses and graduated lenses. I not sure how much we saved as my husband and I have not replaced our glasses for
discount ray bans some years, however our daughter had just been quoted on hers and the saving was as Janetmbau said approximately $300.00. Our daughter was not with us, so when we told her about the service and price we had to go back and choose her frames as she faxed the script to Patrick. Patrick and his staff helped us choose her frames from a photo and now looking at them she is going to be over the moon as they are really trendy. Again as everyone has said the service is great, certainly not what I am used to and I would like to also thank the other posters recommending Patrick at Vision First. This has really helped the holiday finances. The customer care is out of this world with a service which can only be dreamed about in the UK. Nothing is too much trouble for Patrick and notwithstanding a difficult prescription, the way the glasses are provided puts
cheap ray ban outlet any optician in the UK to shame. The care taken over each individual patient is unbelievable and Patrick has boundless energy and enthusiasm. This can be summed up by a telephone call at 21.30 on a Saturday
discount ray bans evening offering to come to the hotel to fit the glasses which had just come back from the lab (can you ever say that you have had that from Specsavers !). My wife and I would now consider Patrick a friend rather than someone who made two pairs of fantastic glasses while we were on holiday.

Have to add my remarks of appreciation re Vision First. Ordered and received within 48 hours a new pair of no line bifocal lenses when I was in Penang in December, saving probably US$100. I used my old frames.

Patrick and his staff manner was initially abrupt over the phone but he delivered the goods to my Chinatown hotel as promised.Articles Connexes:

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cheap Michael Kors Photos

Kundli Speed NewsSome of the other buildings which were raided include: Vikramaditya Marg residence of Sanjay Seth, Chowk residence of Khalid Masood (Seth’s business partner), Masood’s Aminabad showroom, Banaras Glass House and Shalimar Titanium (Vibhuti Khand), informed the I T officials.

Prima facie, it seems to be a case of tax evasion. However, things would be clear after a thorough probe.

"The raids would continue till early Friday morning. In Lucknow, raids were conducted at around 7 places,
cheap Michael Kors which included 3 offices and 4 residential addresses. Apart from this as many as 6 lockers have also been sealed,"
cheap Michael Kors officials said.

A senior I T official further stated that simultaneous raids started as early as 8.30 am.

Teams have been called from nearly a dozen centres, and more than 100 officials are involved in conducting the raids.

When contacted, director income tax (Lucknow) Anil Kumar Tripathi, said, "Search and raids are currently underway at the residences and offices of Sanjay Seth and Khalid Masood, both
fake Michael Kors of them belong to the Shalimar Group. Further investigations are underway."

Apart from this sleuths also raided the offices and residence of Seth’s business partner Khahlid Masood.

According to I T officials, simultaneous raids were conducted at 14 locations in
fake Michael Kors Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, which included offices of Sanjay Seth.

Officials of income tax department on Thursday raided various offices and buildings of Shalimar Group one of the prominent builders of the city.

Biotech expert Manjunath Sanu on Saturday said that the overuse of pesticides is spelling disaster for the environment. Addressing an Environment Day function organized by Basava Parisara Rakshana Samiti at Government School in Gamanagatti on Saturday, Sanu said that farmers should adopt biotechnology and move
Michael Kors discounts towards organic farming.

Minister of state for food and civil supplies Vidya Thakur has asked the traders not to sell Maggi noodles till they getfurther directives from the government. She has cited the ban on the product in other states and the ongoing sample testing by the state FDA
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet to decide the next line of action. We are the land of flip floppers. The hypocrites. Or as we like to call them, Double Dholkis.

Stuart Oliver representing Castrol Team Vecton retained his Tata Motors T1 Prima truck racing title held at the Buddh International Circuit in New Delhi. Castrol India sponsored Team Vecton with two Prima Trucks, driven by former British Truck Racing Association Champions Stuart Oliver and Oly Janes.

The met department forecast suggests that weather will continue to remain foggy in the days to come
michael kors handbags outlet and the temperatures are likely to remain low.

Government appoints Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT, Kanpur as Secretary, Department of Science Technology for a period of f ive years.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Atlanta Trails

Phoenix Rising: Historic Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAAtlanta is all about rebirth and renewal. Although most people know that the city burned during the Civil War, few of even her own current citizens are aware that the city suffered another devastating fire in 1917. So Atlanta has literally risen from

Grant Park Loop Trail (Including Zoo Atlanta) :: Atlanta, GAGrant Park loop visits the
fake Michael Kors 1880s era green space that was the centerpiece of wealthy homes in a development of the same name. The park also houses Zoo Atlanta, which features animals living in near native habitat. More than 2 million people visit Gra

Midtown Atlanta Romp :: Atlanta, GATours the midtown area of Atlanta, including the High Museum, Margaret Mitchell House, Georgia Tech, Piedmont Park, and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. This hike begins on Atlanta’s first road, Peachtree Street. In 1812, Lieutenant George Gilmer left

Underground Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAUnderground Atlanta, Atlanta’s "city beneath the city," actually has two levels. Most of Underground is on the upper level, where you find the Visitors Center. On the level below street level, you will be walking on the ground that Sam Mitchell donat

The Magical Emerald City: Downtown Atlanta :: Atlanta, GADorothy may have followed the Yellow Brick Road to the mystical Emerald City, but all you have to do is follow any street (especially any Peachtree Street), road, or highway to the central point of soaring, gleaming, and architecturally stunning stru

Atlanta: Chattahoochee River, Dukes Creek, Waters Creek, Soque River :: Dahlonega, GAAtlanta is arguably the major southeastern business hub in the nation, and its Hartsfield International Airport, in addition to being the home base of Delta, is, at various times
Michael Kors discounts of year, the busiest airport in the world. Atlanta’s location in the fo

In Scarlett’s Footsteps: Margaret Mitchell’s Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAMoonlight and magnolias, hoop skirts and parasols, Greek Revival mansions and grand balls, a fiery war between brothers, and torrid love affairs these are stereotypes about the Old South, quite often developed from reading the timeless classic Gone

Grant Park Zoo, Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAZoo Atlanta is one of the oldest continually operating zoos in the country. The zoo
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet opened in 1889 when a traveling circus broke down in Atlanta. A local man, G. V. Gress, bought the animals and gave them to the city. Those animals included an Africa

Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Botanical Garden :: Atlanta, GAThis walk begins at the 185 acre Piedmont Park, one of Atlanta’s oldest. For more than one hundred years, Atlantans have gathered in the heart of the city for recreation, as well as for cultural and sports events. The park has served as a showplace f

Gotta Dance! Atlanta Dance Weekend :: Atlanta, GAWhen the lights go down, those with the beat in their feet take to dance floors all over Atlanta to boogie to disco, big band, swing, cocktail music, golden oldies, international, folk, ballroom, country line, West Coast swing, hip hop, reggae, you n

Roots: Atlanta’s African American Heritage :: Atlanta, GAVisiting sights of personal significance with someone you love is always a turn on, and Atlanta is rich in couple friendly attractions especially meaningful to African Americans (not to mention others as well). Martin Luther King Jr., catalyst of the

Adding Sparkle to Your Life: Fourth of July Atlanta Style :: Atlanta, GAAs a prelude to sparking your own personal fireworks during this festive getaway celebrating our country’s birthday, get a bang out of one of Atlanta’s newest July Fourth skyrocket extravaganzas: a rousing outdoor concert performance of the Atlanta
fake Michael Kors S

Let Your Hearts Sing: Atlanta’s Musical Arts :: Atlanta, GAPrepare to be filled as you set
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet out on this weekend ode to joy. Although the strains that suffuse Atlanta’s music scene range from the ridiculous to the sublime, on this itinerary we’ll focus on the sublime. It’s no overstatement to say that Midtown

Atlanta’s Cultural Heart: Midtown :: Atlanta, GAIf you and your heartthrob love culture, art, and music mixed with some of the city’s hottest restaurants, hotels, and nightspots, get to the heart of the matter in Midtown. In the 1890s, a vast amount of land remained undeveloped between the downtow

The Full Bloom of Love: Green Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAAtlanta may be an ever burgeoning city, constantly tearing down and building, but the city is still well known for its ample greenery. Despite the seemingly unstoppable inundation of buildings and highways, there are
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet still multitudinous shady glens,

Five Points and Historic Atlanta Downtown :: Atlanta, GAOn this walk you will trek Atlanta’s highest point, Peachtree Ridge, at the confluence of three ridges. Rivers on the east of the ridge flow to the Atlantic, and those on the west flow to the Gulf of Mexico or the Mississippi River. You will also not

Outdoor Activity Center Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAThe center, Atlanta’s forest in the city, sits on twenty six heavily forested acres and has 3 1/2 miles of hiking trails. The center has operated for the past twenty five years. Before visitors tour the grounds, they walk through the natural science

Atlanta, Georgia :: Atlanta, GAAtlanta, often referred to as the city of the new South, typifies a twenty first century blend of sophistication and southern charm. This family friendly city offers lots of hands on educational fun for kids. Atlanta is rich in African American herit

Foreign Affairs: An International Tour of Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAPhineas Fogg needed every transportation vehicle available in the late nineteenth century from an elephant to a hot air balloon to a stage coach to a railroad hand car to complete his record shattering trip around the world in eighty days, but fortun

Freedom Path Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAFreedom Path came about when the persistent opposition of Atlanta home owners killed plans for three multilane roads. As a result in town neighborhoods were preserved and space was opened for the city’s largest park. Department of the Interior has described the Druid Hills Historic District as "the finest examples of late nineteenth and early twentieth century comprehensive residential planning and development in the Southeast." In turn of the twentieth

Atlanta History Center :: Atlanta, GASome people call Buckhead "the Beverly Hills of the East." Others call this 28 square mile area "richnorthwestAtlanta." The first Buckhead residents prehistoric hunters lived in the area 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. Indians lived in a village called Sta

Atlanta University Center :: Atlanta, GAYou will stroll rolling, tree shaded hills as you tour the Atlanta University campus, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The area has a rich historical background. Special attractions: The largest consortium of black college

Atlanta South Lakes Loop :: Griffin, GAThis loop is about 50 miles long, and will take about four hours. The loop starts at the E. L. Huie Land Application Facility, and takes you to three different lakes for an all around waterfowl day. Sometimes this loop can be very productive, with te

Skull Duggery: Atlanta’s Halloween Haunts :: Atlanta, GAHalloween just naturally provides a ready made excuse to throw yourselves into each other’s arms. A healthy
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet scare is a surefire way to get lovers to cling to each other. As Halloween becomes more and more an adult holiday, Atlanta consistently meets

Atlanta Ramble :: Conley, GAFrom Ted Turner Field, this hike visits the capital dome, Underground Atlanta, Georgia Dome, Phillips Arena, CNN Center, and Centennial Park downtown. Opening soon will be the Georgia Aquarium and the new World of Coca Cola, also on the described tou

Miss Daisy’s Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAExplores Freedom Park, the largest urban park created in the 20th century and a series of parks designed by noted architect Frederick Olmsted for Druid Hills in the late 1800s. You’ll also visit four major attractions: Fernbank Science Center, Fernba

Ansley Park Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAYou will meander through an area filled with aesthetic delights. Many parks, placed along streams and in dales, give the neighborhood a pastoral flavor. The entire development, which is filled with elegant, old homes, is on the National Register of H

Inman Park Atlanta :: Atlanta, GAAs you walk the streets of Inman Park, you will step back in time to the late nineteenth century. Enough buildings of this romantic era remain together to give a distinct character to an entire residential area. You will see High Victorian,
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet Queen AnnArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Florida Department of Law Enforcement stops talks with Louisiana vendor

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Editor Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly characterized a bankruptcy proceeding involving ThinkStream and should have said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stopped exclusive negotiations with ThinkStream after another vendor filed a protest.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement ended exclusive negotiations on a $17 million contract with a Louisiana vendor after a competing company pointed out that the taxpayer funded work went to a business that failed to report an involuntary bankruptcy motion filed
cheap Michael Kors handbags against it.

FDLE began contract negotiations to operate the agency Computerized Criminal History system, a constantly updated searchable database that includes information on 4 million inmates and 15 million arrests. It can be searched by the public, and is used in criminal investigations and for
replica Michael Kors handbags background checks.

Last July, FDLE issued an to negotiate for the contract and agreed on Feb. 23 to negotiate exclusively with ThinkStream, a Baton Rouge software company that faced an involuntary bankruptcy motion in September by TSB Ventures, a Louisiana private equity firm. The company listed $9.3 million in petitioner claims, including $8.4 million by TSB, according to bankruptcy filings.

ThinkStream, which had the motion dismissed after a settlement, provides software for law enforcement agencies at the federal level and in six states, including 12 city and county agencies in Florida. The company is a dominate presence in Louisiana, doing work for nearly 300 entities, including dozens of police departments, 14 district attorney offices, and a handful of corrections facilities.

FDLE has had a high profile relationship with Louisiana since Gov. Rick Scott ousted former FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey. FDLE staff had coined the term Mafia in reference to top Scott staffers he brought over from the state. Bailey left office on Dec. 16, three days before FDLE announced it was negotiating with three finalists, including ThinkStream.

On March 6, one of the finalists that lost out on the state contract Computer Projects of
cheap michael kors Illinois filed a
fake Michael Kors bid protest saying ThinkStream failure to disclose the bankruptcy motion violated the terms of the invitation to negotiate issued by FDLE.

preliminary decision of FDLE is erroneous, illegal, arbitrary, capricious, and contrary to the agency governance, read the complaint.

Specifically, CPI says ThinkStream is in violation of a state requirement that a company bidding on a state contract be a vendor. That defined in
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet state law as one that the capability to fully perform the contract requirements and the integrity and reliability that will assure good faith performance. days after CPI filed its bid protest, FDLE ended exclusive negotiations with ThinkStream and reopened negotiations with the top three bidders: CPI, ThinkStream, and New York based GCOM Software.

ThinkStream President Barry Bellue says
Michael Kors outlet his company is financially sound enough to handle the contract and did not disclose the involuntary bankruptcy motion filed and later dismissed because it did not think it was a requirement.

believes that it has competed fairly and honestly for the FDLE CCH Replacement contract and will fight vigorously and legally to protect the reputation and future of our company, he said.

Bellue said he was in Tallahassee last week in continued negotiations with the department.

FDLE spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger said it an process, so the department won answer many questions. She said the department considers the contract a risk contract, which means the company financial records would have been reviewed
replica Michael Kors outlet before any contract was finalized.

records include but are not limited to financial
Michael kors handbags outlet statements, third party financial rating reports, tax returns, and balance sheets, she said.

It not the first time ThinkStream has faced pushback when seeking a large taxpayer funded law enforcement contract.

The company lost a $1.5 million grant funded public contract in Louisiana after a bid protest argued, among other things, that ThinkStream won the deal because law enforcement officials across the state had stock in the company, according to the a 2005 story by the New Orleans Times Picayune. The same grant money was later used to fund a separate $1 million public contract won by ThinkStream.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Vad ska titta efter n

Men r att alla ett par solglasgon gr du ser chic? Din ga ware gr mycket mer
cheap replica oakleys n s; de gr lngt mer n att bara ett stt uttalande; de skyddar gonen frn skadliga UV strlar.

Solglasgon linser r tillverkade av glas eller plast som genomgr specialbehandlingar hi tech. Frg och graden av mrker av linsen r en viktig faktor nr man beslutar den UV skyddsfaktor. S innan du kper din favorit Gucci, Oakley, Ray Ban eller recept eller designer glasgon, kolla
wholesale cheap oakleys om de blockerar minst 99% av skadliga UV strlar. Ett enkelt stt r att kolla via etiketten.

Smickrar ditt ansikte och skydda dina gon, med den senaste stilar. Solglasgon trender r inspirerade frn retro ser att gatumode. Det r fr dig att avgra om du gillar flygare och verdimensionerade Jackie O ramar, eller de senaste futuristiska skld former, som har versvmmat marknaden, nyligen.

Trendiga nyanser finns tillgngliga, en dime ett dussin. S ta ditt pick wraps, skldar, flygare, clip ons, Puh! Listan gr bara p och p. Med den blomstrande globala ekonomin, har olika mrken av solglasgon versvmmat marknaden, s det r alltid rekommenderas, att du r medveten av frfalskningar. Direkt frn gatan mode i New York till livliga marknader i Shaghai, kan du hitta rtt val, om du vljer ditt par av nyanser frsiktigt, med lite av tanken. G vidare och plocka rtt paret fr dig idag.

Ramar utgr en integrerad del av eventuella glasgon. Vlj ett par nyanser som passar formen p ditt ansikte. Till exempel kan ett runt ansikte fra bort geometriska former och ovaler. Ett kantigt ansikte ser bttre ut i rundare ramar och lucky ovala ansikten kan bra upp, vl nstan alla stil.

Nu har vi kommit p den viktiga frgan, hur mycket tillbringar en fr ett par drm nyanser? Tja det beror p dig om du vill g fr mrkesvaror mode ga slitage eller inte. Det r
cheap oakleys alltid rekommenderat att du g fr en mrkesvaror par solglasgon som r skrare att anvnda. Solglasgon gr mycket mer n ett stt uttalande skyddar de kanske mest dyrbar gva av allt, dina gon. Kontrollera alltid fr UV betyg av alla mrken. Kontrollera ocks fr rtt typ av lins frg och ram. Din vnliga optiker kommer att kunna hjlpa dig
cheap wholesale oakleys med ditt val. Kostsamma nyanser behver inte ndvndigtvis bttre nyanser. Sk p ntet, Splurge lite ver $200 och du kan f en designer namn. Mellan $500 $1000 fr du in verkligen rarified zonplanera av kndisar. Det finns ven recept solglasgon i designermrken. G till nrmaste Christian Dior, Oakley, Gucci, Gabbana, D och D, Polo eller OKNY utlopp och lossa dessa strngar i din vska eller plnbok. Du har ven mjlighet att online shopping fr din favorit solglasgon och glasgon. nnu bttre
cheap oakleys lsa de uttmmande recensioner p ntet eller i din favorit modemagasin, innan du gr ditt val.

Under ren har glasgon branschen
fake cheap oakley sunglasses vuxit exponentiellt, bokstavligen explodera med en mngd varumrken och mnster. Om det r receptbelagda glasgon, designer glasgon eller solglasgon, stilar har
cheap oakley sunglasses blivit bttre och det ser ut blir allt mer sofistikerade. Frn att vara enbart polariserade glasgon, har mode glasgon n solglasgon blivit modeaccessoarer.

Vet du, vi har tillbringat frn ngra dollar till flera hundra dollar fr att rtt utseende?

S att f en rtt och ljusa utseende r inte en ltt uppgift. kande globaliseringen och konkurrensen har gjort mrken bttre varje dag. Solglasgon r inte bara mode uttalanden lngre. De r beprvade beskyddare av vision. r det inte dags du sg dig sjlv i spegeln och sa till dig sjlv, g och hmta senast i glasgon. Du frtjnar det![Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland och Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward
fake cheap oakleys Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon] . AustralienArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Exquisitely Coiffed Bernie Sanders Tells Supporters Corporations Actually Have A Lot To Offer

cheap oakley sunglasses IA Expounding upon the many ways in which they’ve positively impacted the country at large, a tanned and impeccably coiffed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I VT) reportedly informed supporters gathered at a
fake cheap oakleys campaign stop Thursday that corporations actually have a tremendous amount to offer the American people. "Businesses both large and small play a vital role in our society, creating
cheap replica oakleys good jobs and pumping billions back into the economy, and corporations are just the largest
replica oakleys and
replica oakleys most successful of these businesses and certainly we shouldn’t punish success," said the presidential hopeful, adjusting the alligator skin
oakley sunglasses replica band on his diamond encrusted Bulgari watch as he elaborated on the ways in which publicly held companies in the financial, telecommunications, and oil and gas sectors have spurred growth and development in communities across the country. "And when you think about
fake oakleys it, these companies aren’t just some faceless entities they’re our neighbors, our family members, and our friends, all working together to make America the truly great nation it is." At press time, Sanders could be seen smiling
cheap fake oakley sunglasses and waving from the stairs leading up to a brand new Gulfstream personal jet before heading off to a private fundraiser at Sheldon Adelson’s estate.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

7 Day Clean Up: Staying Motivated to Work Out [Day 2]

pin it button 7 Day Clean Up: Staying Motivated to Work Out [Day 2]

7daycleanupnew 600x449 7 Day Clean Up: Staying Motivated to Work Out [Day 2]

This is part of the 7 Day Clean-Up Series. See all posts in the series here.

Hey everyone! Welcome back! Today we’re going to sit down and get an epic workout plan in place for you, talk about ways to maintain that workout plan, and the secret to staying motivated.

Day 2: Making a Workout Schedule

Step 1. Design your weekly workout plan using this guide. Make sure you’re working out enough days to reach your goal and have a good balance of activities you enjoy. For example, I love yoga so I do it all the time, but I find variety by trying different types of yoga like hanging yoga and different vinyasa flows.

Step 2. Create a workout calendar. I have a workout calendar I hang on my wall, and I make myself check off each workout so I feel motivated to get it done so I can check it off. I highly recommend making one of these! At the start of every week it helps to plan out what workouts you’re going to do so that you can stay motivated and look forward to it.

Step 3. Double check to make sure your workout schedule isn’t falling into any common traps or problems. Having a balanced schedule is a bit of an art, but make sure it’s well rounded with strength and cardio and you should be golden.

Here’s this week’s workout schedule for me: [Read more…]

7 Day Clean Up: Eat Clean, Live Clean [Day 1]

pin it button 7 Day Clean Up: Eat Clean, Live Clean [Day 1]

7daycleanupnew 600x449 7 Day Clean Up: Eat Clean, Live Clean [Day 1]

This is part of the 7 Day Clean-Up Series. See all posts in the series here.


Here’s the thing about leading a healthy life and eating clean: it takes constant work. Sometimes you fall off the wagon and have to reset yourself.

The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge is a good introduction to eating clean, but this 7 Day Clean-Up is more of a check in that you can do anytime you feel like the siren song of junk food seduces you back to the dark side.

Eating healthy and exercising is tough, so don’t get down on yourself for

Day 1: Plan, Prep, Detox, Re-Focus

If you haven’t prepped for clean eating before, check out this post.

There are three things you should do on day one:

  1. Remind yourself why you’re eating clean. There are so many important reasons to eat clean: you’ll feel more energized, you’ll live a longer life, you can continue to improve your body and mind — pick a reason that matters to you and write it on a post-it note where you can see it.
  2. Pick recipes and go grocery shopping (but not when you’re hungry). Go grocery shopping with a list and a game plan about what recipes you’re going to make this next week. I don’t supply a meal plan because everyone is different as long as you stick with the clean eating basics, any clean recipe will do to help you reach your goals! We’ll be talking more about macro nutrients and other ways to make sure your diet is balanced later this week.
  3. Detox, do yoga, meditate, and reset. The holidays are extremely stressful, so make sure you’re taking time out to relax. I took a meditation class, and saw my stress levels decrease dramatically. I highly recommend trying this body scan meditation and do it every day for at least a week to begin to de-stress. A clean life begins with a clean mind. Not to mention most of the aspects of unhealthy and binge eating stem from cravings and other constructs or emotional needs not being addressed in our minds.

Day 1 Recipes

On day one, I suggest making some foods that carry over throughout your busy week, like the following: [Read more…]