Clean Eating Challenge: 5 Best Detox Fruit Waters (Day 16)

Detox Fruit WaterThis is a part of my 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Article Series! Read about the challenge and see all of my posts HERE!

I like starting my day off with a detoxifying fruit water because it’s a delicious way to cleanse your system. By allowing the fruit to soak in your water overnight in your fridge, your water becomes infused with nutrients and flavor of the fruit. I’ve assembled the best of the best detox waters that contain anti-aging properties and help flush toxins from your body.

I also took kickass photos with my brother’s camera, and may or may not have told the cucumber water to “work it” and show off that “smize.” I now realize that I’ve been definitely watching too much Top Model recently. But I can’t stop! It’s so addicting! You watch one episode and you can’t stop!


Tips for making these detox waters:

  • These recipes are single-serve and make one glass. But you can refill your glass with water as many times as you’d like, and I usually make it in the morning and then keep refilling my cup with water and they last all day!
  • Try using sparkling water instead of normal water and serve at special occasions in champagne flutes
  • If you want to make a 2 liter pitcher, fill half of the pitcher with fruit. I would recommend also throwing in a little ginger root, which has anti-inflammatory compounds and aids in digestion. Don’t add ginger to a single glass– it’s a bit overpowering and requires a pitcher.

Cucumber Crush

cucumberdetoxwaterThis green drink is delicious with a light, fruity aftertaste. Cucumbers are a fantastic addition to these detox waters because they make the water refreshing and juicy, if that makes any sense. (I’m destined to be a food writer, if you can tell.) Use overripe kiwis if possible!

Detoxifying Qualities:

  • Great Skin: Cucumbers are full of great nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, calcium, vitamin K and potassium.
  • Cucumbers are especially great for detoxing because they prevent water retention and have anti-inflammatory properties.


  • 2 kiwis
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • A sprig of mint

Strawberry Kiwi

watermelonkiwidetoxwaterYou can’t go wrong with the classic combination of strawberries and kiwi! This is the perfect summer drink, and has a light sweetness to it.

Detoxifying Qualities:

  • Kiwi is a superfood and is packed with vitamins A and E which help prevent free radicals as well as certain types of cancer. Kiwis also helps flush out toxins from the colon, which improves your overall health and well being.
  • Strawberries help fight carcinogens and contains anti-aging properties such as biotin and the antioxidant ellagic acid, which helps prevent sagging skin.


  • 2 strawberries
  • 2 kiwis


Watermelon Mint

watermelonfruitwaterThis water is the best summer detox drink! Bonus: I learned how to cube watermelon while I was doing this. Basically you cut slices and then just cut those into cubes so it’s not an intense cooking skill, but it’s a big accomplishment or someone like me :)

Detoxifying Qualities:

  • Watermelon contains citrulline, an amino acid that helps improve liver function by filtering and getting rid of ammonia, which can damage cells.
  • Mint leaves help improve digestion and get rid of stomach cramps.


  • 1/2 cup cubed watermelon
  • 3 mint leaves


Cleansing Lemon Mint


This is a simplified version of my Lemon Detox Water, and you can find the detox benefits of this drink here! This is by far my most popular detox drink, but if you don’t have a ginger root lying around your house, this simplified version can be your best friend.


  • 1/2 lemon
  • 2 slices of cucumber
  • 2 mint leaves


Berry Blast

detoxifying berry waterBerry Blast tastes the best with sparkling water! It’s good on its own, of course. In this photo I forgot the blackberries (three cheers for being prepared!) but hey, I can’t get everything right all the time unlike my favorite show Who’s Line is it Anyways which can do no wrong! (Off-topic, but a totally valid point. Luckily, this blog isn’t high school, because I can just improv posts off the top of my head and the points don’t matter.)

Detoxifying Qualities:

  • Raspberries contain anti-inflammatory phytochemicals that are anti-aging and anti-cancer.


  • Handful of Raspberries
  • Handful of Blackberries

I hope you guys enjoy the drinks! I had a great time coming up with the recipes, and even dying in the heat as I took these photos and found the fruit’s good side.

See you guys tomorrow!



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  1. Julie says

    I was wondering if Key lime water had any benefits or detox benefits to it? It tastes delicious! AND i LOVE these drinks have tried them all!! Its all ive been drinking for over a week. Was a Mtn Dew addict but havent touched in over a week.

    • Amy Suto says

      Glad you like them, Julie!

      The flavonoids in limes can help prevent cancer. Limes also help prevent colds and improve digestive function. Drink away!

      • Anonymous says

        Are you able to eat normally while you drink these drinks? Some people are telling me you have to just drink them and not eat anything?

    • Amy Suto says

      Hi Alexis!
      Of course you can mix them! The Strawberry Kiwi and Cucumber Crush could be awesome together. And yes, they are the best in water bottles!

  2. star says

    So I can reuse the fruit from my detox water to make a new glass? How many times can I reuse the fruit?

    • Amy Suto says

      As often as they stay fresh! I usually can get several (like 5) glasses of water out of my fruit, depending on how large the glasses is. Then they become a bit tasteless and you need to throw them out. If you put them in a pitcher, you can get more use out of them since they’ll be in the fridge all day e’rry day.

      Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Anonymous says

      I have some left over strawberries from my detox drink. They taste a little bland but they still have some hint of flavor in them and they look edible haha. Now my question is, how can I reuse these light pink berries? Is there a recipe that might call for strawberries regardless of how watered down they might be. There are so many of them I would just hate to see them go to waste. Oh and I love the watermelon+mint one! Thank you.

    • Amy Suto says

      As much as you’d like! Here’s what I do:

      If you want to make a 2 liter pitcher, fill half of the pitcher with fruit. Fill the rest with water.

      I like an 80/20 ratio: 80% water, 20% fruit.

      Good luck!

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi Amy :)
    I was curious about the berry blast one.. Do I use just regular sparkling water
    or the fruit flavored ones that have zero calories? Which would you prefer?

  4. Lena says

    Can I use just lemon in water(since this is what I have on hand). Also I heard about a detox that is apple slices, water and cinnamon stick. Best if left overnight in fridge. Have you tried this.

    • Amy Suto says

      Hi Lena! I haven’t tried that combo, but I will now! I love cinnamon, and it’s a potent spice so I could see how it could be effective for detox. Lemon in water by itself works too due to lemons’ ability to neutralize free radicals in the body. It also contains 22 known anti-cancer properties– that’s a win-win!

  5. Kendriael says

    Hey I love your ideas and I am gonna try them all. I wanted to know if you had and detoxing drinks that help you loose weight

    • Amy Suto says

      The only way you can lose weight is through eating clean and working out, and exercises that increase your metabolism (such as HIIT and strength training) are the most effective. You can read about those on other areas of my blog.

      A drink alone can’t help you lose weight– that’s a lifestyle change. Anyone who tells you that there’s a magic drink or pill that will melt off pounds is trying to sell you something. But these detox drinks do help flush toxins and improve your health.

  6. sher says

    Hi! :)

    I am new to this whole detox water thing. I would just like to ask, how is this different from just eating the fruits and then drinking water?

    • Amy Suto says

      Hi Sher!

      Great question– eating fruit is great, and gives you the fiber that this wouldn’t. Detox water allows you to spice up your water while receiving the benefits of fruit by soaking them in water. It also allows you to get the benefits of things you can’t or don’t normally eat — such as ginger or mint — that aid in digestive functions.

      This is definitely not a replacement for eating fruit, but it is a good way to spice up your water and get hydrated as well as reaping the benefits of the vitamins in these waters.

      • sher says

        Dear Amy,

        Thanks for the quick reply! :) This whole idea of detox water sounds really interesting and the water looks so pretty with all the fruits floating inside :) I will give it a try one day.

        • Anonymous says


          • Amy Suto says

            haha I don’t think so — leaving fruit water out that long might make it super soggy and gross, especially if it isn’t refridgerated. But you’re welcome to give it a taste and report back 😛

    • Amy Suto says

      Hey Pauline! Sparkling water is like mineral water, it has minerals in it and is carbonated. Make sure there’s no added sugar (there shouldn’t be) although if you prefer you can get like Perrier with a twist of lime or something. You can get sparkling water at any grocery store, and while you can use normal water, I find that sparkling water helps mix it up if you need an alternative to soda.

  7. Morgan says

    I was just wondering if you are meant to eat the fruit after it has put nutrients into the water? Or do we just drink the water and toss the fruit? (So sorry if this is a stupid question)

    • Amy Suto says

      No, it’s not a stupid question Morgan! You could eat the fruit if you wanted to, but you don’t have to. Soaking the fruit infuses its vitamins and nutrients into the water, so just drink the water and toss the fruit.

  8. Chad says

    Is there a certain amount of time that I should let the water and fruit sit together before I drink the water?

    • Amy Suto says

      HI Chad! About 4-5 hours will be enough to allow the fruit to soak, but if you want more flavor I would recommend letting it sit overnight in the fridge.

  9. Strange Question says

    Hi there,
    I’ve recently been making changes to my diet and trying to take it slowly. I have Selective Eating Disorder, which has only recently come into light. I can’t stand seeds or the texture of any fruit or veg however, I am very much aware of how unhealthy it is not to eat any. This fruit water seems like a brilliant idea as I am not opposed to the flavor of fruits rather the texture – It is obviously not a substitute for eating actual fruit, but it is a progression. Would you say that it is something that I should attempt to do?

    • Amy Suto says

      Hi there! I would recommend asking your doctor. While fruit water absorbs many of the nutrients of fruit, it still is no substitute — have you tried smoothies or jucing fruits and veggies? None of these options will give you everything that a whole piece of fruit can, but smoothies are great for fruit and juicing is great for fruit and veggies so you may want to give those a try!

      • Strange Question says

        Yeah I have, I’m still getting used to the flavor and texture combined so I figured water with fruit would be better than nothing!

        • Shireen says

          Have you tried using the water bottles/pitchers that are meant to infuse your drinks? They have the basket that holds the fruit so the flavors are infused into the water, but the fruit/veggies themselves don’t get missed into the water.

          • Amy Suto says

            Great tip, thanks Shireen! I have a cool cup thing with a straw that also has a middle basket thing to hold the fruit. It’s not always the most practical option, but some people might prefer special containers like these.

  10. Marivel says

    Hi! If I try any of these do I leave the fruit in the water while I drink it or do I take it out? & which is the best for weight loss? Please let me know, thanks!

    • Anonymous says

      The drinks I’ve had in restaurants leave the fruit in it as you drink it. I had a watermelon infused water — no mint or basil, just watermelon — and it just melted into the water as I drank it. GREAT flavor!

  11. Anonymous says

    can I eat cucumber after drinking its water or throw it and only drink the water.. I heard that cucumber if left over one night in water it absorb all toxins so it became not healthy to eat

  12. Auriel says

    is there any rules in combining the fruit? i tried lemon with plum, lemon with grapes..
    but i only combine them by feeling.. so if u can tell me, which fruit cant be with which fruit, that might be great..

    ^_____^ thx

    • Amy Suto says

      Hey Auriel! I find that lemons work in most combinations unless you have something super sweet (like watermelon). I haven’t tried grapes, and you would have to cut the grapes to try and get any flavor out of them– but it’s worth a shot! The combinations in this article are the ones I found mixed best, but feel free to experiment– there are no rules when it comes to recipes.

    • Amy Suto says

      It makes all the difference! Frozen fruit will defrost in your water and won’t taste as good or have all the benefits of fresh fruit.

  13. Ingrid says

    Hi, I just found your website and these drinks look so yummy! I’ve never liked kiwi because the brown outside turns me off, but I can’t wait to try them in water. Love your ideas!

  14. Sam Kirkland says

    Have you tried using any of the fruit infusion pitchers that are out there? I like the flavour of the water, but don’t like getting chunky bits of soft flesh fruit in my mouth – I dont like to chew my water but rather just drink, it. I have the RIO from Grosche ( ), and absolutely love it.
    Cheers all,
    Sam K

  15. rohit says

    Can we mix most of the fruits together at a time and even coconut water with lemon, mint, basil to take out the maximum benefits..and drink it .

  16. Brianna says

    Hey Amy I was wondering which is the best to drink? I had the ginger,lemon,cucumber,and mint water n I’ve been going to the bathroom nonstop. Does that mean it’s working? I need help lol

  17. Jade Ducos says

    I was wondering if I should peel the skins off. My cousin made a detox water and she said it was bitter I’m guessing bease of the lemon skin .

  18. Goodarz Javadian says

    Can I eat the fruits in detox water after drinking the water? or it is better to refill the pitcher with water again?

  19. Shay says

    So I have cucumbers and lemon, but no mint. Will the detox still be effective without it? How much more effective would it be if I had it versus not having any? Thanks in advance!

  20. says

    I soak fruits in water to clean them from pesticides. I asume water gets toxic after this process wile the fruits get 25 % cleaner.

  21. Jessica Taylor says

    Hello! I was wondering if Lemon juice (in a bottle) would be a quick alternative to lemons?

  22. Chloe wright says

    I use lemon and strawberry but I’m still in high school year 8 so I always refill my water bottle and reuse the fruit is that a bad thing

    • Amy Suto says

      As long as you’re replacing the fruit before they start to get mushy, you’ll be fine! Good luck with your studies!

    • Amy Suto says

      You can use whatever water fits your fancy! I also suggest experimenting with a twist of lemon juice or cranberry juice if you get bored of it.

  23. says

    Great share. I’ve been drinking ginger tea in a while now and i need new and refreshing to drink and i think i may have definitely found what i’ve been looking for….

    Right now, i’m thinking about strawberries and bananas. yum

    by the way, to anyone that wants to know about my detox tea idea :

  24. kiran k says

    Hey I loved detox fruity drink …so I want to me whether the drink is only for loosing weight or it’s really healthy for our body??

    • Amy Suto says

      The vitamins in the water from the fruit are great for you, but one of the best parts of this drink is that it encourages you to drink more water! Having more water in your diet will improve your complexion and energy levels. So drink up!

  25. Sarah says

    So my roommate introduced me to the detox water and I love it. So I started drinking them. But I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting headaches and I’ve read that mint can give you headaches. Dose anyone have another option besides mint I could use? Or can I make them without the mint. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Amy Suto says

      Feel free to make them without mint! I like using a twist of lemon juice to keep it refreshing without the mint.

  26. Anonymous says

    Hi im new to detox waters and everything i had was very bland is there any way to sweeten them up by the way im allergic to strawberries

    • Amy Suto says

      If you’re allergic to strawberries, by all means don’t use strawberries! And I would recommend using sparkling water and a hint of cranberry juice to sweeten it up a little. Hope that helps!

  27. says

    How long I can continue drinking this drink??? Its almost 12 days I have continued drinking it regularly but on the 12th day I got cold and headache is it because of this. Please reply it to me. but it is working. For me

  28. Vic O Peters says

    Thx Amy. What if i juice watermelon, pineapples, gingers and or orange bell peppers together for beverage drinks. Is the conbo harmful or has a great health benefit? Your detox water recipes are great! Have tried them all and I’m loving them.

  29. Anonymous says

    Are you able to eat normally while you drink these drinks? Some people are telling me you have to just drink them and not eat anything?


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